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My journey as a tattoo artist started in 1993, I was seventeen years old at the time. My desire and enthusiasm for the art of tattooing far out weighted my fears and the obstacles that lay ahead of me.

My progression was slow and arduous however there always seemed to be a narrow path for me to travel. I learned tattooing from several different tattooists however the tattooist I accredit for the core of what I know is Mack Bregg. Mack mentored me during my many visits to his home and shop located in Kingston Ontario.

Mack not only taught me the mechanics of tattooing he also gave me some crucial instructions on how to live life. I have worked in many styles over the years ranging from small tattoos to full body murals. I feel most at ease doing large-scale tattoos in the black and grey medium.

The subject matter I most enjoy tattooing is wildlife and spiritually motivated themes however, I am here to serve my clients and meet their individual needs.

I started painting in 1995. I work with acrylic on Masonite predominantly in the monochromatic style. I most enjoy painting portraits however I'm very versatile and able to paint just about any subject matter. Painting has always been an outlet for me to express my inner artistic cravings.

Along with tattooing and painting I also enjoy writing. I began writing poems and inspirational articles in 1998. My writing served as an outlet for me to express some of the changes that was taking place deep within my soul.

Being an artist is an honour and privilege and has taught me many things over the years. My artistry has been an amazing experience in my life that is why I would like to share it with you.

It is my hope that it may give you an experience that you will wish to remember or want to share with your friends and family.